1. Include the SDK

To include Moso features in your own website, you simply need to include your personalized <script> tag below in the <head> of your web pages and we will asynchronously load our SDK and your Lender Rate's settings into your pages. Async means it does not block loading other elements of your page.

<script src="https://www.lenderate.com/sdk.js"></script> 

Here is an example: https://jsfiddle.net/nv9vq8tk/3/

2. Include the widgets

Then include the data-ui-widget attribute anywhere you want to show Moso widgets. Here are the list of supported widgets and the corresponding HTML code.

Small Quote Widget (please update configuration to see closing cost)
<div data-ui-widget="quote_small"></div>
Quote Widget
<div data-ui-widget="quote"></div>
Contact Us
<div data-ui-widget="contact_us"></div>

3. Quote widget

Quote widget can configured to fit the design of the host page as follow:

Show quote result in a popup
<div data-ui-widget="quote_small" data-popup-result="true"></div>
Customize style and title
<div data-ui-widget="quote_small" data-horizontal="1" data-container="page" data-title="CUSTOMIZED RATE QUOTE"></div>
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